I am a registered dietitian who has taken a winding road to get to where I am today. I hope to share some of my experiences, because I feel that my life is not so different than others when it comes to relationships to food and health.

“Fish Sticks to Sushi?” The name comes from my journey to my current place in the food world. Growing up, I had what might be considered a typical, Midwestern diet in the 1970’s and 80’s, which wasn’t so great. However, my diet had an extra twist to it; my mother didn’t like to cook. What I mean by that is she did as little preparation as possible. Because of that, we had many ready-to-eat, frozen or boxed meals. This meant that until I was in college, my seafood experience was limited to fish sticks. As I got older and started making my own food explorations, I tried, and enjoyed, many types of seafood, often with my husband, Chad, who is my partner in all things food! My biggest leap in my food evolution, however, was when I tried sushi for the first time. I loved it, and this time I was the one who encouraged my husband to give it a try. This was at a time when sushi was considered a strange, exotic and sometimes creepy type of cuisine (and in some circles, still is) and it has become one of my favorite types of cuisine!

I enjoy looking back on what I used to eat and compare that to how I choose to eat as an adult. Also, with all the food issues that concern us today, such as local, organic, whole foods and special diets, obesity and diabetes and body image concerns, I think its a worthwhile endeavor to reflect on our foods, and make how and what we eat a priority.


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