“Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes” (Notice It Is Plural!)

After Chad’s early and resounding success of accomplishing his 40 X 40 goal, we had to discuss what would come next. Setting goals when working on almost any project can be the difference between success or failure of the project as a whole. Chad and I both believe that the commitment to this goal is what pushed him through on a daily basis during those long work days, sore days and days when he couldn’t yet see the effect he was having on his body. So, now that he reached his 40 X 40 goal, we had some options:

  • Was he satisfied with this BMI and version of himself, and would he just like to maintain this weight?
  • Did he want to set a goal of a loss of a certain amount of pounds?
  • Did he want to continue focusing on his BMI, knowing that:

1.    The BMI is not a perfect predictor of appropriateness of weight, since muscle mass and frame size alter the results, and

2.    A drop in BMI is really a drop in pounds as well.

After some discussion we decided that we would continue on a BMI-focused path of loss, since he is not quite done losing weight, and since the BMI value is a better holistic goal than only focusing on each fraction of a pound (which he does still watch, of course.) He also still likes the plan of his 40th birthday being the endpoint; my take on this is that since he can be a bit of a procrastinator, having a date (and a landmark birthday one at that,) keeps just enough of his last-minute panic adrenaline flowing. (While this might give me an ulcer, it gives him motivation and focus.) So what’s the new goal?

35 X 40!

No, Chad is NOT letting up! He has decided to push it! His thoughts are, and I think most would agree, that even though summer can bring picnics and tailgating and parties and lazy summer vacations, it is also a time of farmers markets full of tasty fruits and vegetables and a wide array of exercise options with longer days to help get that

sweat-time in! Aside from the biking and swimming and kayaking summer brings, Chad also has another, even more important reason to be motivated; he is in training for the Komen 3-day walk, which just happens to be a few days before his birthday. He has set an ambitious goal, but who am I to worry, after seeing him slaughter his first so quickly?

But wait, there’s more…

They say that no one likes change. I believe that’s one reason why making a healthy lifestyle change can be hard; its pushing people out of their comfort zone; its difficult, even scary. Chad and I have had about the average amount of changes in our lives, but we try to take change as it comes and not automatically put a negative spin on it. [Full disclosure: Yes, there are changes that I struggle with: getting older, changes in long-standing traditions, and the inability to plan and organize change! I’m sure if you COULD plan and organize change, many would have less of a problem with it!] But, looking at change as a new adventure gives our lives a “Goonies”-type of action-adventure movie feel, and we try to just roll with it!

And as life goes, the changes don’t always come in an orderly, one-at-a-time fashion,

either. So, along with Chad’s next 35 X 40 goal, we now have another layer of change.

Starting this summer, Chad will be the new principal of Sauk Prairie High School!

This is a great opportunity for us both, and it also sets off a chain reactions of smaller changes: job changes, packing and moving, new sights and experiences to enjoy, along with saying good-bye to everyone we are sad to leave.

Looking at this great new “Goonie-adventure” through the lens of 35 X 40, though, what does it mean? As with any change, there are pros and cons. Chad is now, and will be for quite some time, a busy guy! I will let him share his own thoughts on the matter, but as I am the acting grocery shopper and cook and support system, I am prepared for things to get a little more frenzied in the Swader-Harnisch household. When it comes to exercise,

The long-awaited spring has arrived, with the promise of many a Farmer's Market!

The long-awaited spring has arrived, with the promise of many a Farmer’s Market!

as anyone who works out regularly out can tell you, its pretty much a part-time job. And since Chad is on a tough training schedule that takes him on walks that are hours long, the sheer lack of hours in the day may mean a challenge this summer.

Given all this, can Chad drop 5 BMI points in 4 months, after just dropping about 10 points in 8 months? I wouldn’t bet against him.

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