Week 29 & 30 Weigh-ins…and coming down the stretch!!!

Last week, I weighed 318.8, gaining .2 pounds from week 28. Wasn’t super happy about it, but as I’ve mentioned before, March is so busy and stressful in my job, that I can’t really expect to be able to lose consistently from week to week. The good news is that I’ve already completely forgotten about what made last week so stressful. The bad news is that’s because last week was a beautiful flower of relaxation compared with this week. 🙂

I’ve spent the last 5 days having meeting with departments hearing their plans for how many sections they need to meet the needs of students. I listen patiently, consider their positions, weigh their recommendations against the current financial realities of running a school in Wisconsin, and in almost every case look them flat in the eye and say, “I’m sorry we are not going to be able to do that. Here are the reductions we need:…” It’s quite a bit of fun.

I didn’t fully realize how much fun it was until a teacher new to my building mentioned to me that she had never seen it done this way before. I asked what she meant and she said that her only previous experience with determining department sections was having the principal tell the department what was happening without any input. She asked if I had implemented our current method and I said it had been in place since before I came to the building. She then asked why I keep it, if it is so stressful. I said because if I am going to make decisions that have negative consequences for people’s work lives, financial lives, and emotional well-being, it should be hard and I should have to look people in the face while I do it.

As I reflected on that conversation overnight, it didn’t make me feel any better; knowing that  I am bringing suffering on myself that other principals may have avoided with a less public process. But it doesn’t make me feel any worse, either. So I guess I’ll take that.

Lastly, something interesting happened this week. I exercised like a mad man on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning. When I got home from a day filled with fun staffing meetings, and a two-hour data retreat after school, my impulse was to go exercise again. I almost changed clothes and strapped on the snowshoes, looking for a release from the frustration of the day. At just about any time in my life prior to yesterday, my response would have been to eat a pizza…or two…to deal with my emotional fragility.

That my response had nothing to do with food, and that I was able to resist it, sit with my wife and enjoy a great mushroom stroganoff and a few glasses of wine, and then retire for the evening, maybe says more about the person I have become than any other thing I’ve put in this blog in the last 7 months.

So I stepped on the scale this morning at 313.8, down 5.0 pounds from last week, and 67.2 pounds from Aug. 17th. I am also down 90.2 pounds from my all-time high of 404#. My BMI is now 40.7, only .7 away from my goal, with over 5 months to go. My BMI has dropped from 49.4 when I started. I’ve lost 17.6% of my body weight. Starting to feel pretty good.

Thanks for your support and …be careful out there!

4 thoughts on “Week 29 & 30 Weigh-ins…and coming down the stretch!!!

  1. It is really something for a mother to hear that her son has learned so much about taking care of himself in such a short period of time! Keep these blogs coming kiddo, they are great to read!

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