Week 28 Weigh-in…and Chad gets SERIOUS!!!

I’m really starting to love the new me. 🙂 I had a tough week last week. All who read about it know how I responded to a little weight gain. But you also know that my slip lasted about 4 hours. Since then, I spent 556 minutes working out and burned an additional 9,004 calories as a result. I also, without consulting my dietitian (bad), lowered my rate of weekly weight-loss from the 1.5#/week I had been on to a 2#/week pace. That dropped my calorie intake from almost 2400 a day to 2070 a day.

What was the result? …Doesn’t matter. The point is that when faced with a challenging day, week or month, the new me doesn’t quit. The new me sees the challenge, formulates a plan to address the challenge, and then works the damn plan. In some ways, the new me is a lot like the me that was able to play college football. Hard work wasn’t something I was afraid of then. I’m starting to wonder if I going to have to break down my life into a series of scores. (You know, as in “four score and seven years ago…)

My first score was dominated by the last 5 years of it, and my drive to be a great football player. I fell a little short, but for most of the time was relatively healthy and active. The next score, by slothfulness and over-indulgence. And now, the third score of my life, by a drive to add a fifth score. 🙂 We’ll see how I do.

Ok…enough screwing around. I weighed in yesterday at 318.6!!! First time in the teens since my wedding in 1996, for sure. Also, I am now exactly 10 pounds from the 40 by 40 goal of 308.6. (It’s not a weight-based goal, but I can do the math and know that if I weighed 308.6, I’d have a 40 BMI.) Boo-yah!!!

So from last week, I lost 5.2 pounds and a total loss from August of 62.4.  Not a bad week and definitely makes up for the weight I put on the week before. It looks like maybe I should just have a two-week weigh in cycle. Since for almost two months, I’ve gone up 2 steps and then down 5 on an almost perfect 14 day cycle.

My BMI is now 41.3. (Interestingly, if I hadn’t been measured in October and found out that I was 3/4” shorter than I thought, my BMI would be 40.5) Pretty darn close to that goal, either way.

I got a call from a parent today who saw me at the Basketball game last night, who just wanted to let me know that he was amazed at how good I looked and wanted to know what I was doing. I told him what I tell everyone…I’m listening to my wife. 🙂

Oh, and Team Harnisch has cracked the 120 pound barrier with a combined total loss between the three at 122.2 pounds. That is even more amazing. I couldn’t do it without you!!

Be careful out there!!

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