Weigh-in Week #24…and healthy once more!

As I wrote last, I was sick. Lost 8 pounds in 48 hours with what I assume is the nasty norovirous everyone keeps talking about. My advice to y’all? …Don’t get it!!

Stepped on the scale this week at 328.6#, up from last week’s intestinal distress induced precipitous weight loss. However, I am still down over 3# from my post-WDW weight and even down 2# from my pre-WDW weight. So a good week all around.

Total stats time: BMI is at 42.6. I am down 52.4#. I need to lose exactly 20 pounds to hit my 40 BMI and I have 28 weeks to do it. Hitting the woods tomorrow for a 5-mile snowshoe romp on the Ice Age Trail. That ought to burn some of those excess calories off. (And since Sunday is the Super Bowl, in honor of my friend, Mike Dix, I say onto thee, “All food consumed on Super Bowl Sunday are free of calories.”) (And he was a bodybuilder for realz, yo!!)

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