Week #23 Weigh-in…and Various other life stories.

As I write this post, I have just crawled out of bed after 15 straight hours. I have some weird intestinal bug, picked up on the plane back from Disney World or from the beautiful cesspool of germs a high school in Wisconsin in January becomes. So while I haven’t exercised even one time this week, I’ve still been shedding pounds because I can’t eat, don’t want to eat, or simple don’t have the energy to eat. Sounds like fun, huh?

I figure it is karmic. Since I had such a great time at Disney with my family, when I complained to most who would listen about how I was positive that much close family time would drive me nuts, and then I loved every minute of it, I sort of deserve a week where I feel extra crappy. Again, karmic.

Disney really can be the happiest place on earth. I am surprised to learn that because I can be extraordinarily cynical when it comes to multi-national corporations whose primary reason for existence is to make money for their shareholders. It turns out that Disney, much to my surprise, is still trying to make money for their shareholders, by making sure their customers have the best possible experience. That seems like an antiquated business model in today’s world sometimes, but it did dent my cynicism for the week I was there.

Watching the faces of my nieces and nephews, my sisters and parents, and especially maybe my Disney crazed wife, I couldn’t help but have an extraordinary time. I also completely took the reins off of my diet while I was there. I had ice cream and steak, cheese cake and cheeseburgers, corn dogs and creme brule, margaritas and wine, croque monsieur and pizza. It was a little ridiculous. However, because I also walked about 60 miles in 7 days, I gained 1.4 pounds though the whole deal. I stepped on the scale on Monday, not my normal weigh-in, but I wanted to get a post-vacation read, at 332.2#

And because I’ve been sick since Tuesday afternoon, I missed my weigh-in yesterday too. But I did step on the scale this morning at 325.4# My first foray in the 320s since the 1990s. 🙂 It’s not a real number, I know that. The lack of food and the dehydration are certainly a part of that low number, but I still looked extra long at the scale today. I can’t believe that as sick as I am, I could feel so good about a number. But that number represents 15 years of struggle, almost all of it losing.

As to the 40 by 40 goal, my BMI today is 42.2. I’ve lost 55.6# since August 17th. My BMI is 77% of the way to my 1 year goal, with 29 weeks to go. Another 17 pounds and I will be at a BMI of 40. Who wants to party?

Thanks for all your help. Thanks to my wonderful mother and father for giving our family such an amazing trip last week, our first full family vacation since 1994. I love you very much. Thanks to my amazing wife for all her help, with this project and with her planning of the vacation; without you, neither would have had any chance of success.

Be careful out there.

3 thoughts on “Week #23 Weigh-in…and Various other life stories.

  1. Thanks for the kind words, and I echo the thanks to Gene and Mary! These weeks show how, in strange situations, your weight WILL fluctuate, but thanks to your monitoring of your weight over the last months, you are aware that these are, in fact, fluctuations. This was a great break/reward/escape, especially during the cold weather, and I know that once you recover from your nasty illness, you will be energized to lose that last 27# and start training for your next big event, the 3-Day Walk. Nothing will stop you!

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