Roasted Cauliflower Dijon

Cauliflower is a vegetable that is technically in season in the fall, but it can be found easily year-round, and it is hardy enough to keep well in the fridge for several days after purchase. It is good when eaten raw, but its great when cooked, and both Chad and my preferred way to eat cauliflower is roasted with a lemon-Dijon sauce! Its flavorful, easy, hearty, filling and quite low-calorie…perfect for winter dinner and leftovers!

Ingredients:2013-01-07 18.14.47
1 whole cauliflower (~8 cups)
1/4 C Lemon juice
1-2 T Dijon Mustard
2 t Dry Vermouth or white wine vinegar (optional)
1 t Salt
1 t Pepper
(Note: This is a fragrant, flavorful dressing! If you’d like, you can always change the amounts to your personal tastes.)


  1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees, and spray a glass, metal or disposable aluminum roasting pan with cooking spray.
  2. Rinse cauliflower, and cut cauliflower off “stem” and into florets no bigger than golf ball or walnut size. Place in roasting pan.
    2013-01-07 18.00.46

    My way of prepping cauliflower

    2013-01-07 18.01.46

    Smaller pieces absorb more flavor, cook faster and get more tasty black bits during roasting; take the time to cut them properly.

  3. Any any small bowl or dish, mix all other ingredients.
  4. Pour dressing over cauliflower and mix until cauliflower is coated. NOTE: There will be extra dressing at the bottom of the pan, which will be absorbed while cooking.
  5. Roast uncovered in oven for 35 minutes, stirring twice. You can also cook it more or less depending on how crunchy you like your cauliflower.2013-01-07 18.52.28Notes:

    cauliflower label

    Nutritional information for raw cauliflower…low calorie, and check out the vitamin C!

  • The vermouth/vinegar is optional, but I find it adds to the tartness and tangy-ness of the Dijon mustard.
  • I do like my vegetables very crunchy, but I also like the slight charring a full 35 minutes provides!
  • This recipe uses no cheese, nuts, bread crumbs or olive oil, so 1 cup is about 40 calories. (About 6 servings, depending on the size of the cauliflower.)
  • If you frequent farmer’s markets, CSA’s (community-supported agriculture groups) or stores that carry more unusual varieties, look for purple, green or orange types!

This is a go-to recipe in our house; as low calorie as it is, Chad and I often have this once a week, aside from all the raw cauliflower we eat!

English: Close-up of a remarkable cauliflower ...

Chroniflower, of the subspecies caulicannabanis


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