Week #20 Weigh-in…and reminders are all around.

On Saturday, 12/29, one of my students was involved in a snowboarding accident which fractured his spine. He’s been in intensive care since, he is currently suffering from extensive paralysis, is on a ventilator, and has developed pneumonia. However, his spine is not severed and he is an amazing kid, tough and strong and healthy and positive. I am confident that he will recover.

But I’ve spent most of my week back a school worried about him and his friends, those who were with him when it happened and those that are closest to him. I worry about them because, just like all of us, teenagers are often ill-equipped to deal with the emotions related to grief and trauma. It’s that worry that makes me good at what I do. It’s that worry that leads me to seek the resources that can help these teenagers through times like this. It’s that worry that had me just now eating a piece of Pizza Hut pizza at 5:15 on a Friday night with 3 tough, awesome young men worried about their friend as they planned a fundraising event to coincide with tonight’s basketball game which will help support their friend and his family financially through the long months of rehabilitation ahead. And it is that worry that has me exhausted and feeling like my blog about weight-loss maybe isn’t so important this week.

However, I haven’t missed a week yet, and 20 weeks seems like an inopportune time to stop. So here’s the numbers. I stepped on the scale on Wednesday at 339.4#, up 0.6# since my last weigh-in. I was a bit disappointed by that, but I also was visiting friends for New Year’s Eve on Monday, and watching the UW-Badgers lose to Stanford on Tuesday, so I am not surprised. I did make it through the Holiday season losing 5 pounds total from pre-Thanksgiving. Since most folks average a weight gain of 5-10# during that same period, I feel like a 5 pound loss is a win.

Also, as I’ve mentioned before, my weight can fluctuate wildly from day-to-day. So to prove that point, I stepped on the scale this morning after playing basketball and before breakfast. I weighed 334.0#, or put another way, I lost 5.4 pounds in 48 hours. We’ll see what happens next week.

And, keep my student in your thoughts and prayers this week. I know he will recover, but we can all use a little help once in a while.

Be careful out there.

2 thoughts on “Week #20 Weigh-in…and reminders are all around.

  1. Chad – I certainly enjoy reading about your journey. You are an amazing young man and reading your journal and hearing about your student was very sad. I will definately keep him in my thoughts and prayers. My sons also like to snowboard so it brings this story close to home. I know you will be a great support for these students during these days that lie ahead for all of you. Thinking of you… – Deb Bowe

    • Debbie,

      Thanks for the support and glad to see that you find enjoyment reading the blog. Michelle and I certainly like writing it. Tell those boys to stay safe!!

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