Week 17 Weigh-in..and the first backslide of the year! (Damn!!)

Tipped the scales at 338.4# this morning. That’s a gain of 3.0#. So I am not supper happy this morning. And if you go back a little further. I weigh more than I did on Nov. 21st, so my weight-loss had been slowing and now has reversed. (That was a tough sentence to write.) Oh and my BMI is up to 43.9.

When I think about the last three weeks, I’ve had Thanksgiving, two weekends of deer camp, three holiday parties, a long road trip to Madison, and dinner at my all-time favorite restaurant, Mona Lisa’s. I also have had a flare-up of two of the discs in my lower back and a super-stressful, can’t-really-talk-about-it-incident at work. Oh, and the weather has been crappy and we have over a 1/2 foot of snow on the ground and all the roads I walk are snow-covered and slippery.

So, on the one hand, I can point to all of those obstacles and say, “Wow, you’ve had a lot going on. No wonder it’s been tough to stick to what you’ve been doing. You’re still below 340, and down over 40# since you started in August. It’s ok; you’ll do better this week.” On the other hand, saying shit like that is exactly what got me into this situation in the first place. So…NO EXCUSES!!

I’ve been back in the gym on the exercise bike each of the last two days. (Good thing too, or I’d have been on the scale over 340# today and they you’d have seen the fit hit shan.) Also, no obvious obstacles for me in the coming 7 days. I have no parties, no trips, no other obvious “things” in my schedule that will make me lose it. And, I commit to all of you, that I will not stress eat one single calorie for the next 7 days…no matter how stressful it gets. (And you better all call me on it too, if I do.)

The other good news is that I have an amazing support network. Michelle texted me right away this morning when she saw the new weight total to make sure I was doing OK and to see if she needed to talk me off the ledge. My mom noticed that I had not had a good couple of days on my food/exercise log and checked in on me to make sure I wasn’t off the wagon. I love both of you guys and thanks for the support!!

Time for a short-term goal with some real meat to it. How does this sound? “Under my low of 335.4 by next Wednesday…or I cut of the first joint of my pinky finger.” (Not severe enough? 🙂 )

Be careful out there!!

11 thoughts on “Week 17 Weigh-in..and the first backslide of the year! (Damn!!)

      • Yep. As Micheell says, “Two bloggers = two moms.” So both Carroll (Michelle’s Mom) and Mary (Chad’s Mom) are leaving comments as “Mom.” Looks like you both registered the first time as just “Mom” when you left your first comment; don’t know if you want to change that or not or if you even can. As for me and Michelle, it doesn’t matter; because we can tell you apart based on what you comment on and what and how you say it. We know you like that!!

  1. Okay…you knew it was going to happen. At some point in this journey. Maybe not a gain but at least a plateau was out there somewhere on the path. The true test of the conviction to achieving your goals comes now…in how you react to this “bump”in the road. Sounds like you have decided to tackle it head on and not let this detour you off the road to better health. To a new week and renewed enthusiasm.

    • I am trying to focus on the 16 straight weeks of success and not the 1 week of failure. (Tough to do though.) I’m back at it; hardcore bike workouts last night and this morning.

  2. I think the third paragraph is the crucial one. I know that in another time, this could have been the beginning of the end, but with your first gain not coming until 4 months in, I believe you can take this one in stride. It’s important to take a look at all aspects of the week, which you did, and learn from this as you go into next week. Also, I know you have been starting to look ahead a lot (which is great!,) but not forgetting about weekly progress is important, too, so I was happy to see the “short-term goal” phrase!

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