Weigh-in Week 16…And what’s Next!!

Stepped on the scale at 335.4 today. Down 2 pounds since last week and 45.6# since this started on August 17th. Nice job, huh? 😉 My BMI is 43.5; down from 49.4 and 63% of the way to my goal of 40 BMI with 36 weeks to go. If I keep up my rate from the last 16 weeks, I should hit a 40 BMI on Feb. 13th. (Happy Valentine’s Day!!) If it takes me twice as long, I’ll hit it the week of April 24th.

When I started this project on Aug. 17th, I had two major fears. First, that I would not be successful and that my healthy living change would crash and burn as spectacularly as my past ones had. (More so really, when you factor in the public aspect of this one.) Second, that I might accomplish my goal and then gain back every pound (and more) like I, and thousands of others, had on diets going back to perpetuity.

As I’ve said for a few weeks, I’ve pretty much put the first fear to bed. I will hit my BMI goal and I will keep dropping past that for some time. You read yesterday why, this time, that’s true. However, my second fear still is hanging on. Lots of people have seemingly defeated their food issues, only to slip and fall and wake up right back where they started. I’ve seen it play out in my own life, in the lives of family members, and in the lives of countless people I know many times. So, how am I going to avoid that?

Yesterday, I talked about fear and shame. My fear of an early death and my shame at what amounted to a daily surrender in the face of countless examples of people who fought so valiantly for every last minute. There is another emotion I have that I didn’t talk about yesterday, that I am going to leverage into my long-term maintenance plan: ANGER!

People die before their time every day; from cancer and lupus, from car accidents and falls from tree stands, from drug overdoses and suicides, from gunshot wounds and contaminated food, from lack of health care and inadequate access to food. And what can I do about that?

I’m not a researcher. I’m not an expert in food safety and I’m not in a position to change the nature of global economics to such a degree that African children have more food. But I am in a position to raise awareness, both as an educator and as a blogger (though I guarantee I have more influence in the former than the latter.) I am also a community leader by virtue of my position as high school principal; I have the opportunity to have lots of conversations with lots of people about lots of things. Is there some reason that a few of those conversations can’t be about raising awareness for at least one good cause per year?

Also, I am in a position to be a decent fund-raiser. I make a good salary. I know lots of people who make a good salary. I have lots of friends who feel as I do and donate lots of money to good causes all over the place. I can use my anger and leverage that “social capital.” Right?

Lastly, and this is where my healthy living change comes in, I can commit, right here, right now, to participating in a fitness-based, fund-raising endeavor, to raise money and awareness to combat some life-ending tragedy in our society. If I do that, once per summer, for the rest of my life, I’ll be setting an annual goal that will help the world, mitigate my ANGER, and keep me focused on my personal health. And I can do that for the living. For the stories I didn’t tell yesterday. For those people I know, who right now, this very minute, are in the fights of their lives to add one more day to their life-span. So, that’s what I am going to do!!!

Next plan – Every summer for the rest of my life, I will participate in a fitness-based fundraising and awareness-increasing activity that will challenge me at the edge of my physical and mental abilities and will make a substantive difference in the real world for real people.

In 2013, I have selected my activity. At the request of my sister, Ellen, who is also one of the people who has been struggling to make healthy choices and who has been doing a great job, we are going to do our 2013 activity together. One of Ellen’s dearest friends is fighting breast cancer as I type. I have known this young lady for 15 years and I am spectacularly confident that she will keep kicking cancer’s ass everyday!! Ellen wants to honor her friend’s fight and I want to honor that fight too, so…

We will be participating in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for a Cure, 60-mile walk, on August 9-11 in Chicago, Illinois. That should take care of the fitness, fundraising, and awareness-increasing components of my goal. (In case you want to help with the middle element of that, here’s a link to my personal page: Chad’s Fundraising Page at Susan G. Komen)

I’ll be walking and raising and increasing for another group of people as well. First, my friend Diane, who lost her battle this past July. For my friend Cindy, who looks to be kicking cancer’s ass every day. For my friend Martha, who looks to be kicking cancer’s ass every day. For my friend Spike, who lost his battle with cancer in December 1996. For my friend’s father Rob, who, last I heard was kicking cancer’s ass every day. For my friend’s wife, Maureen, who lost her battle with cancer just last week. For my former student Sarah, who looks to be kicking cancer’s ass every day. For my friend Mike, who, through the power of early detection, just started kicking cancer’s ass. For my uncle Bob, who is kicking cancer’s ass everyday!

Because some of those people have issues with the Komen foundation, I would never want someone to feel like Susan G. is the only avenue for making a donation. If you would prefer to donate to the American Cancer Society, in the memory or honor of someone you know, please do so. If you want me to include your donation in any totals I report on this blog in the coming weeks and months, you can send me an email or drop a comment here.

Let’s go!! 60 miles for the big bucks, the big awareness, and the big difference!! Go get’em!!

6 thoughts on “Weigh-in Week 16…And what’s Next!!

  1. GAME ON!!! Looking forward to walking those 60 miles with you, Chad. It will be a game changer…I mean life changer!!
    Best to you, Molly

    • Molly, We are going to bring the GO to Chicago! Let’s do this!! Can’t wait to see you. KCAED!! (Kicking Cancer’s Ass Every Day)

  2. Great blog Chad! I LOVE your new commitment to health. I am “preaching to my patients and children, “Strive to be fit not thin.” I love that your are encouraging and inspiring your sister whom I persistently worry about! Challenge 2014 Tough Mudder!

    • I could do a Tough Mudder in ’14. That might be a good training event for me by then 🙂

      I’m thinking more long distance, multi-day kinds of things, Sara. Something like riding my bike from Green Bay to Eau Claire. You in?

    • Also, glad you like the blog. And the inspiration and encouragement thing with Ellen is mutual. She’s doing an amazing job with her own journey. She’s just not as starved for attention as I am. 😉

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