Weeks 14 & 15 Weigh-ins…Hot Damn, I love you people!!!

Since my last post, 14 days ago…

First let’s address that. 14 days is my largest gap in posting since this started. Those of you who are not from Wisconsin, and maybe even not from Northern Wisconsin, might see that gap and think, “Well, this blog idea was good while it lasted, but we all knew he was gonna run out of steam eventually.” And honestly, I cannot blame you for thinking that. Do you blame a puppy for peeing on the floor? Do you blame a kindergartener for not completing their calculus homework? Do you blame your wife for maxing out your credit card on Black Friday? (I don’t have this issue, because I am blessed in my match. My cousin, Brian, doesn’t have this problem either, but I understand his wife does have to worry about her husband.) Do you blame Al Gore for taking credit for inventing the internet? (Nod of respect to my father.) The answer to all those questions is a resounding “NO.” And why is it a “no?” Because they don’t know any better. (All my feminist friends, especially Ann and Claudia, and Rachel and Michelle and Ellen and…well all my friends with breasts…and Marcus. Relax! The Black Friday thing was a joke for cripes sakes. I just got out of the hunting camp. What’d you expect?)

So those of you who are thinking I’m off the blogging thing because of my 14-day gap in posting, are those same people, like my friend, Justin, (actually, I guess I need to tell Justin to calm down about that Black Friday credit card thing, too) who didn’t believe that people would drive on frozen waterways in the winter to cut down their commute times in the winter. (Tell them Justin.) You just don’t understand the culture of Northern Wisconsin. One of my favorite college professors at UW-Stevens Point once said, “It wasn’t until I moved to Wisconsin, that I met someone who could both hunt and read.”

To sum up, the last 14 days coincided with the 9-day gun deer hunting season here in Wisconsin. I am 39 years old and this was my 30th year deer hunting. Since I couldn’t legally carry a gun till I was 12…you can start to get a glimpse into the cultural significance of deer hunting in Northern Wisconsin. I’m certainly not going to violate that by writing a blog post about healthy living and weight-loss in the middle of it. Feels like the ghosts of dead-deer-hunters-past would come and push me out of my tree stand if I did. (I wasn’t sure how to punctuate “dead deer hunters past,” so I used the hyphen/dash in a nod to my English department, who engaged in a lively debate on the hyphen/dash duality just prior to leaving for hunting camp. 🙂 )

So why do I love everyone? Because everywhere I went for the last two weeks, I received non-stop positive feedback from everyone. Here is a list of places I got positive comments for my new body:

  • pharmacy
  • hunting cabin
  • neighbors hunting cabin
  • near a stand in the middle of the woods by a corn pile
  • doctor’s office
  • post office
  • movie theatre
  • local supper club
  • local Kiwanis meeting
  • hallway outside my office
  • in my office
  • in the teachers’ lounge
  • in the hallway outside my office again
  • at my parents house for Thanksgiving
  • at the Physical Therapy place I lived at between 2008-2010
  • at a meeting in the Board of Education office
  • In the hallway outside my office again
  • in an email
  • in a Building leadership team meeting
  • all over this blog
  • at my home, every time my dietitian, wife, partner or lover looks at me.

That is a lot of positive attention. And since just about anyone who knows me really well will tell you, at the end of the day, I suffer from massively low self-esteem. (people who know me kind of well think I have massively high self-esteem, but they haven’t been able to see that is just a defense mechanism) (so know you know how well you know me, depending on whether you think I have low or high self-esteem) (though I think I can accurately predict at least two people whose initials are ER and MH, who actually are thinking as they read this that they know me even better than I know myself and that the low self-esteem thing is the real front for what is, in reality, a massively inflated ego. Alas, who’s to say who’s right?) Anyway, I guess it doesn’t matter if I have low self-esteem or high self-esteem. Because, either way, I am super motivated by attention and positive praise from others!! Always have been; probably always will.

So when each of you, whether you read this or not, take time out of your day to comment on my appearance in a positive way…I go through the roof. I love it. I makes me feel great! And it makes me want to keep doing it so that I keep getting that positive praise.

I’m sure some education expert out there will read this and comment on the need to find intrinsic motivation for my healthy choice, to which I will say, “Pszszswwwwako;hsdljfahs!!” (Is that how you type a raspberry?) Seriously, if I didn’t have intrinsic motivation for doing this, I wouldn’t have started it in the first place. The whole point is that the extrinsic feedback from others is doing a massively powerful job of reinforcing the intrinsic reasons I already have. And I can’t THANK YOU enough. That’s why “I love you people!!”

So I did step on the scale twice in the last 14 days. Last Wednesday, I weighed 338.2 and today I weighed 337.4. Down 1.6# and 0.8# respectively and a total of 2.4# over the fortnight. Since that time period includes 9-days of deer hunting, where I ate, just to name one thing, fried pork sausage or bacon for every breakfast, and Thanksgiving, I am more than satisfied that I just kept going down.

My BMI is now 43.7, so I’m officially 60% of the way to my goal of a 40 BMI in just 15 weeks. I have 37 weeks to go to accomplish the remaining 40% 🙂 We all know at this point that I am going to make it. So, what’s next?

Stay tuned for the next post to see the new goals…

8 thoughts on “Weeks 14 & 15 Weigh-ins…Hot Damn, I love you people!!!

    • Jess, I’m not going to lie, so when my wife’s little cousin refers to my “hot bod” it makes me feel…like this might be the best family wedding yet!!


    • Molly, You do not have to identify yourself as “Ellen’s Bestie.” How could I ever forget you? Plus I found you your first babysitter if I am not mistaken, so we’re family.

      I’m glad you like the blog and keep on sharing it. It’s awesome to hear from people who are finding entertainment and inspirations from my journey.

      Also…”keep on rockin’ your bad ass self!!!”

    • It’s awesome. I hope you are getting some reinforcement too. If not, we need to do a better job of telling you how great you look!!!

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