What’s in a Pound?

Though the exact number probably fluctuates per person, it is estimated that 3,500 calories=1 pound. This means that for every pound of body weight lost, 3,500 calories have to be burned, and in order to burn those, you need to eat fewer calories. A common example is that to lose a pound over a week, you would need to cut 500 cal per day: 7 days  X 500 calories cut = 3,500 cal (1 pound.) Chad has done much more than this. He commonly loses 2-4 pounds per week:

  • 2 pounds per week lost = 7,000 calories burned (and therefore NOT eaten.)
  • 3 pounds per week lost = 10,500 calories burned (and therefore NOT eaten.)
  • 4 pounds per week lost = 14,000 calories burned (and therefore NOT eaten.)

Over the course of 40 by 40, he has lost 42.8 pounds. He has burned approximately 149,800 calories! This also means that over this time, he has worked on a 149,800 calorie deficit for food, and/or burned extra calories through exercise.

Since the calorie is a bit of a foreign, abstract concept, here are some illustrations to show what he’s burned–incinerated, actually! (Each of the examples below are approximately 149,800 calories)

  • 998 Twinkies
  • 125 Large buckets of movie theater popcorn
  • 293 Quarter Pounders with Cheese
  • 960 Cups of veggie chili (60 gallons!)
  • 492 Salmon and avocado rolls
  • 156 Pints of Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream (It’s technically 4 servings per pint, remember, so that’s 624 servings.)
  • 453 Subway 6″ sandwich: turkey and ham with cheese
  • 1,426 Bananas
  • 2,538 Ears of corn on the cob

Since fat is stored energy, the way to get rid of it is to “burn” it. Chad could make quite a campfire with what he’s burned so far; soon it could be a bonfire!

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