Week #12 Weigh-in…and the whole new me!!

I think we can start to make some assumptions about where I am at in this journey. Here they are…

1. I am not going to suddenly go back to the person I was three months ago. I think that just about anyone who has spent any time with me lately, will tell you that I have changed the way that I think about eating and exercising. I routinely turn down or walk away from unhealthy choices without second thoughts. I almost never miss even one day a week of working out, even though my goals is 5 days/week. (In fact, I am starting to see the advent of some repetitive stress-type injuries, like knee and ankle pain.) I am fanatical about nutrition and calorie make-up of the foods that I eat. I don’t know if Michelle or any one at work could count for you the number of times I have asked, “Do you know how many calories are in a serving?” I am starting to think that this is the new me; and since the new me is looking fabulous, I am totally ok with who I am.

2. I have changed my metabolism. I stepped on the scale this week expecting to see an increase in my weight. I was prepared for it, I was accepting of it, and I was planning to take steps to do better next week. I had a rough week at work, with limited time for proper eating. I had two nights out with friends. We had the election night binge we usually do, glued to the TV watching the returns come in. All of those things told me that I would be heavier this week. Instead, I had my biggest one-week loss yet. I know that telling people this has the tendency to be discouraging, as in, “Damn it! Losing weight is so damn fricken easy for Chad. I hate men. Give me a Snickers!!” or “He’s doing so good and I can’t so I quit! Give me a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard!!” I really believe that the exercise is a huge part of what I am doing. I spent 343 minutes in the last 7 days working out with my heart-elevated. That’s almost 50 minutes a day, and I had 1 off day in there, so I actually worked out an average of 57 minutes over 6 of the last 7 days. This, combined with the eating right, is what is making the difference. Michelle will write more about metabolism over the weekend, I think, but the reality is “It is getting easier for me to lose weight, because it is getting easier for me to lose weight.” Lastly, I now weigh 343.5 pounds. That means I am still 5 pounds heavier than the heaviest Green Bay Packer. When you have lost 37# and still outweigh the heaviest player on your local NFL team, it doesn’t matter how much weight you lost that week; you are still damn fat!

3. I will meet my goal sometime early in 2013. My BMI today is 44.5. I started on August 17th with a BMI of 49.4 (height adjusted) and my goal is to get to a 40 BMI by my 40th birthday, August 17th, 2013. I am now 52% of the way to accomplishing my goal in just 12 weeks. I have 40 more weeks to go and if the pace continues at present, I’ll hit a 40 BMI sometime around Feb. 1st.

4. My goal will not be enough to satisfy me, so I will need a next goal. Whether I meet my goal in February, May, or in August; I need a new goal. Since #1 and #2 have established that at least some of these changes are either becoming habits or physiological modifications, I’m not likely to stop doing this suddenly and go back to weighing 404#. So, I am thinking about new goals, lots of goals. As I spend nearly an hour a day walking, my mind wanders over potential goals. Like for instance, losing two hundred and two pounds. That would put me at 202, which I don’t actually think I could do, at least not for very long. But cutting my body weight in half is an interesting goal. I think about the fact that I covered 5 miles in a little over an hour. That means that I likely could complete a half marathon in, what?, about 3 hours 30 minutes? May be that should be my new goal. Or I thought the other day that when I hit 300 pounds, I should by myself a reward. Like a road bicycle. I have a giant monstrous mountain bike now; one designed to handle the massive stress my out-sized body can put on it…but it is slow and feels ponderous. A sleek new road bike would be cool, right? If I had a sleek new road bike I’d have to ride it somewhere, no? Like maybe in RAGBRAI with my cousin Pat…or in a sprint triathlon with Michelle. Or since I am now such an accomplished walker, I attempt another crossing of the Grand Canyon with my father…now that we really know how to do it. See my dilemma? I need some help. Please respond to this with a suggestion of what you think I should accomplish next, once I’ve reached 40 BMI. It can be any suggestion, really, a new one or a seconding of one I already mentioned. Once I have a list of things I’m interested in, I’ll put it to the blogosphere for a vote. Cool idea no?

In summary, things are going very well. BMI down 4.9 from start, lost 37.5 pounds. Feeling great, looking good. Enjoying life. Thanks for your continued support and have a great day.

2 thoughts on “Week #12 Weigh-in…and the whole new me!!

  1. I think the bike is a great idea. Once you have it, you can set yourself new biking goals, not just weight loss goals. Distance, speed. Staying motivated to get on the bike every day is made easier by the fact that the bike-seat-butt-hurt comes back once it initially goes away if you don’t ride constantly. Avoid pain, sculpt buns; win-win.

  2. I’m down 18# as of this week. Plus my A1C came down to 5.3. My Dr. says keep doing what I’m doing. I vote for the new bike, it’s less stess on the joints. I’m thinking of getting one myself.

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