Weigh-In Week #11…my over-priced Halloween Costume!!

Dressed as myself…from 1 year ago!!

This is the way I looked today, dressed in my best Mens’ Wearhouse suit from a year ago. That is a queen-sized, foam pillow stuffed into my pants and under my shirt and I only look a little more bloated that I actually was. My pants are not so tight that I cannot sit down, my shirt is not stretching the buttons, my belt is in the same hole I used for all of last school year.

I cannot believe the difference and I feel amazing. What was I thinking? Stepped on the scale today at 348#, down 33# since August 17th, and an amazing 56# from my all-time high of 404#!!

My BMI is now 45.1. Since I started at 49.4, I am now 45.7% of the way to my goal of a 40 BMI, with 42 weeks to go. It is looking like I might have to set a more aggressive goal. Poor me, huh?

I’ve talked before about the power of this blog as a collaborative project. Now more than ever I am convinced that the public nature of this format, the consistent positive feedback I am getting from readers, are pushing me through any difficulties I may be facing. I know some of you have marveled at how publicly I am fighting this battle, but I can tell you that it doesn’t seem to me to be that odd. It just seems to be a way for me to get support from others for what I am trying to do.

Often, as a result, I feel like the blog is a selfish project, one that gives me more from you that I am giving in return. I need to think on that more. I am going to take some time this weekend and write a post about this in more detail. Maybe that will help me understand a bit better.

6 thoughts on “Weigh-In Week #11…my over-priced Halloween Costume!!

  1. Chad, you rock!!!!! Keep up the good work!!! You’ll have to have a rose between your teeth the next time we see you so we recognize you!!!! Go Go Go …

  2. I think it is a classic case of Narcissism. Just kidding, Keep up the battle. Hope to see you soon. We will go out for lettuce salads and water. LOL.

    • Ok on the lettuce but, what oh what will we drink WITH the water? 🙂 Oh, and I am way more Narcissistic than you are!!

  3. Chad – Andrea from Fort told me about your page, because she knows my struggles, as well. Thanks for having the courage to go “all out” and share your story – I’m in the process of losing over 100 pounds to decrease my chances of breast cancer recurrence. It’s a real encouragement to read your thoughts and ideas. We only worked together for a few years, but it helps to know someone else I know is successful in the weight loss fight.

    • Kris, Glad you are enjoying the blog. The support from readers is awesome and I so hope you take even a molecule of strength from reading my story. So sorry to hear about an occurrence of breast cancer and so happy to hear you are taking steps to lessen the risk of another. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. (I’m starting to think 100 pounds might be my next goal, after I hit that 40 BMI thingy, so maybe we can do a joint 100-pounders entry?)

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