Week 10 Weigh-in…and the incredible, shrinking, fat man!

Michelle came along today to the weigh-in. And after I stepped on the scale, I turned to her and said, “Do you think I might have cancer?”

As an aside, anyone who knows a person with a last or maiden name or who’s parent or grandparent has the last name of Cudney, is going to think that cancer line is really funny. The rest of you are probably thinking, “What a freak.” But those of us with just a little bit of Cudney blood, can relate to automatically thinking of the worst possible explanation for any piece of news. Can’t we Carolyn, Mary, Barbara and Pat? Melissa, Patrick, Mikki, Ellen? Brian? (I’ve got more family members who can relate to the “Do I have cancer?” comment, but these are the ones whom I know read the blog.) Any who, this may be my last Christmas you know? 🙂

So yes, I stepped on the scale this morning and I weighed 352. Down 29# since my August 17th 381. My BMI is down to 45.6 from the 49.4. I have lost 7.6% of my body weight and I am 40% of the way to my goal of a 40 BMI with 42 weeks to go.

The strange thing is, and what prompted the “Do you think I might have cancer?” comment , is that I have been expecting a plateau. Michelle, and many others, have kept telling me to expect my weight-loss to slow and/or stop at some point and that I shouldn’t be disappointed when it does. So far though, my loss seems to be accelerating. So maybe the plateau is still coming, or maybe I was so fat that I blasted right through any plateau. Anyway, no plateau so far and still losing weight like crazy. Yeah me.

In other news, I had a follow-up echo-cardiogram last week. Okay. A little back story.

In January of 2007, I was in the middle of my first year as an Associate Principal in a small exurban school near Milwaukee. The stress of the new job combined with a 60-mile one-way commute and ever increasingly poor eating habits led me to rush to the local clinic one day with tightness in my chest, pain in my left arm and a shortness of breath. (At the time I had just passed the 360# mark for the first time.)

The staff at the clinic reacted vigorously to my reported symptoms and I was immediately hooked up to all manner of monitoring devices. We discovered that I had not had a heart attack, but that my Blood Pressure was in the 200/115 range. (Lay terms=that’s not good.) After a few weeks of testing, I had an echo-cardiogram and discovered that I had “ventricular hypertrophy with diastolic dysfunction.” (Lay terms = that’s not good, more specifically I have an enlarged heart and it didn’t relax as well as the docs would like.)

So last week, the echo said that my heart was the same size as in 2007, slightly enlarged but not enough to impact my life-expectancy or -quality and that my heart was functioning normally. So good news, eh?

Lastly, this week I officially ruled out some of my wardrobe options as being “to big to wear in public.” I put on a pair of dress pants yesterday, planning to look snappy to attend a meeting with the other principals in our athletic conference. When I cinched down the belt, it looked like I was wearing a kilt or a parachute. No good, dude. So I dug out a pair of khakis from a drawer full of clothes I can’t wear anymore; clothes from almost 10 years ago, and while they were still too big, they are passable. (Thank God for that ridiculous fat-person habit of keeping clothes that they have no reasonable expectation of ever being able to where again because we “might” lose weight again, “someday,” huh?)

Thanks again for reading and for all of the positive feedback. We are all on a journey, just keep walking!!!

3 thoughts on “Week 10 Weigh-in…and the incredible, shrinking, fat man!

  1. You must have been mistaken…I am sure you were only talking to the other 3 Cudney girls.
    Aunt Carolyn

    P.S. Again congrats on the loss this week…keep it up.

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