Weigh-In Week #9…and the power of buying new jeans!!

Homecoming is one of the tougher weeks of the year for school principals. Between the really long days, the frenetic activity, and the constant worry that at least 1 of 762 teenagers will do something really stupid, it seems as if I go the entire week without sleeping and on constant alert. Not a good time for relaxation and healthy living.

Over the weekend, I did get in some massive workouts though  and continued those on Monday and Tuesday when the hotel I stayed in offered access to a big full-service Gold’s Gym type fitness center. Big minutes on an elliptical really allows me to melt away the calories. Which is good, because I spent so much time eating out and hanging out with friends and colleagues I hadn’t seen in a while, I socked away more calories than I should have.

I did go clothes shopping though on Monday. I needed a new belt, because I was using the last notch in my smallest belt and was running into constant danger of having my pants fall down. I’ve decided not to buy a bunch of new clothes for quite awhile yet. Mainly because I remain a long way from my ultimate goal and I don’t want to possess three or four different sized wardrobes.

But it was clear I needed a new belt. Also, since my jeans were getting obnoxiously out-sized, I thought I would treat myself to a new pair. My last pair of jeans were a waist size of 52″. And I bought them a little tight because I couldn’t stomach buying a size 54″. So on Monday, I walked into one of my favorite fat-guy clothing stores, Casual Male, and asked for a pair of my favorite style of Levi’s in a size 50″,  only to be informed that they had no jeans in that style and size in stock.

I was devastated, obviously! 🙂  The clerk mentioned they did have a size 48″ if I wanted to give them a try. So I did. And guess what? They fit!!!

It wasn’t quite that dramatic of a moment, but I’ll admit to tearing up, ever so slightly, when those pants fit. I can remember holding on to the size 48″ in my wardrobe way longer than I should have as I fattened up, with my belly hanging way over my belt. I simply did not want to have to confront the reality of having to buy size 50″ pants. Passing that barrier on the way back down was a more emotional milestone than I anticipated.

And I stepped on the scale this morning at…356!!! Down 25 pounds from the start. Also, the BMI is down to 46.1, so I’ve overcome the effects of my shrinking height from a few weeks ago. I’ve lost 6.5% of my body weight, and am 32% of the way towards my BMI goal of 40 with 10 months to go!!! Things are looking good, and I am having a great time.

4 thoughts on “Weigh-In Week #9…and the power of buying new jeans!!

  1. Claudia, Great idea! I was thinking of saving a few of his things anyway as momentos, and that would go great with the Fort Atkinson quilt he has! Or we could sell them on consignment…those sizes aren’t easy to find, and they are pricey!

  2. What a great post once again…having you post your inner most feeling and experiences on this journey is impressive. My hope is that others with those same feelings will join you as you celebrate each step along the way! So proud of you….

  3. How wonderful for you Chad! I am very proud of you. Keep up the great work and the blog….I really enjoy reading it.
    Aunt Carolyn

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