Two Month RD “visit”

Chad mentioned in his recent post, “What the HELL Was I Thinking,” that he was basically stunned by the high calorie fast food meals he would eat in his car, in a hurry, and with no real enjoyment. Though that is a very extreme example, I have been seeing changes in Chad’s behavior that show he’s committed to better eating choices and making exercise a part of his regular day.

I have seen him, in restaurants and bars, look up nutrition information on his phone through his myfitnesspal app to help decide what to order. Even more impressive, he actually uses that information to choose his foods, and even his drinks! (I often give nutrition education classes and talks to adults and teens, and even if they gasp at what they are learning, they usually say they will still choose those same foods.) He has also mentioned that he is internalizing the concept of “calories in, calories out” by being sure to exercise, as it gives him more calories; he feels the “work” of exercising and eating a bit more is better than not working out and having even fewer calories for the day.

As his wife and RD, I am able to see these subtle choices and changes on a daily basis, and in a much more personal and real-time way than if I was speaking to my client occasionally. It is true we have struggled with making changes in the past, and as both his wife and RD, I could not be happier and prouder about today:

Now that’s a pretty graph! (The flat line at the beginning was before we started 40 by 40.)

Chad has been eying the <360# ever since he went below 370#, so he went pretty hard this week. As his “Booyah!” blog reports, he made his goal, demolished it, actually, by weighing in at 358.8. It’s a loss of 3.8# in a week, which is the most he’s lost in one week since his very first week. (And I was worried he’d be disappointed by a plateau this week!)

Speaking of plateau, Chad and I know there is going to be one soon, so we are trying to prepare for that, and is partly the reason I am not concerned the weight loss was over 2# this week.

He has lost over 22#…go find something that weighs 22# and carry it around for awhile…this is a BIG DEAL! I can from watching him the last 8 weeks that he has accomplished it due a lot of focus, commitment, and by putting his healthy changes higher on his priority list; as I am typing this he is walking to and from and evening meeting (in the 40-degree dusk) in order to get his workout in for the day! I am VERY proud of my husband today!

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