Booyah!!! (and Week #8 Weigh-in)

358.8 this morning!!!!

Down 22.2 pounds total in 8 weeks for a 2.7 pound weekly average.  BMI down to 46.5 from my adjusted height starting BMI of 49.4.

Pretty much an all-around killer week, no? 3.8 pounds since last weigh-in. Yeah, I know. I rock!!

(Feeling pretty good right now; you can probably tell from the tone of the above. I haven’t weighed less than 360 since sometime in 2006. So hitting a 6-yr low in terms of body weight, with a 136/87 BP and a resting pulse of 58, all feels pretty good.)

Time for Pizza Hut Large Deep Dish Meat Lovers Pizza with Extra Cheese to celebrate!! (Just kidding. Homemade chicken curry ala Michelle, I believe will fit the bill just fine!)

3 thoughts on “Booyah!!! (and Week #8 Weigh-in)

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