What the HELL was I thinking?

Yesterday, I participated in a 5K fun run/walk, the Forrest Run: a local fundraiser for supporting families and research for brain cancer. I’m not a fan of race reports, but I will post one later this week, and maybe in the process share with you the story of one of the people who influenced me to begin this project.

But I want to talk about food today. Last night, to reward myself for finishing a 5K in 44:59.99, Michelle and I went to one of our favorite restaurants, Duncan Creek Wine Bar & Grille, in Chippewa Falls Wisconsin. (If you are a fan of great, fresh local dinning, you have to check the place out. Great food.)

I treated myself to a Cosmo and calamari frite as an appetizer, two glasses of Riesling with dinner, and 6oz of grilled salmon with bacon, tomato and Gorgonzola crumbles served on a bed of risotto with sauteed green beans and carrots. Oh and I also had two slices of warm baguette with olive oil for a dip. Safe to say it was a delicious meal, and one of my most calorie dense since I started this project over 7 weeks ago. Using MyFitnessPal.com, I have calculated this total meal, from appetizer to bread to drinks to entree, contained 1424 calories.

Because I had done the 5K, and eaten light earlier in the day, this meal did not put me over my calorie goal for the day. (It was meeting up with friends after dinner that made that happen 🙂 ) However, over dinner Michelle and I had a wide ranging conversation, fairly typical for us and one of the real reasons we so love to go out to eat; we talk about a wider range of topics, I think, than when we are cooking for ourselves.

One of the things we talked about was an upcoming presentation Michelle has as a guest lecturer in a local classroom. One of the things she was researching as she prepared for her day in the classroom was the current leader in calories among fast-food restaurant sandwiches. As we chatted about this idea, I started to reflect on what, until recently, had been a fairly frequent meal for me.

At least twice a month, I would go to Culver’s, our “best” fast food restaurant,  for lunch and order the following: Double Butter Bacon Cheeseburger. a large fry, a large (32oz) Wild Cherry Pepsi, and a double scoop turtle sundae. As we thought about this meal, I took out our calorie counter and added up the damage: 2,340 calories or there abouts.

So to sum up, I used to splurge for no particular reason by eating 2,340 calories in fast food while sitting in the front seat of my car listening to talk radio as I drove back to work. Now I splurge because I participated in a 5K race by having a quiet dinner and conversation with my lovely wife and eating 1430 calories of expertly prepared haute cuisine and amazing cocktails and wine.

So, back to my original question: WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?

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