Weekend of excess…come on Man!!

So, as I mentioned last week, spending three days in an off-site training, made it very difficult for me to maintain my plan. We had a tray of brownies every afternoon and a tray of donuts every morning. I don’t know if any of you have picked up on this yet, BUT I AM IN A FRAGILE STATE PEOPLE!!!

On Wednesday, I was unable to get out of there without eating a donut. Thursday, it was two scones. Friday, I made it to the afternoon, and was able to resist the brownies and chocolate chip bars, but when someone brought in Fritos corn chips covered in caramel and chocolate, I lost it and mowed into that stuff. I’ve had so little refined sugar in the last month and a half, that I got an immediate headache and nausea from the snack that didn’t go away until I had a decent amount of protein packed into me during a dinner by Michelle, a tofu, soy bean, and corn fried rice. (Delicious.)

Then a good friend of mine, a person who used to work with me at RLHS, came to town for the weekend. We spent Friday evening, reminiscing in a  local watering hole, Saturday morning on the golf course, and Saturday evening eating steak and downing more libations. Of the 6 days, Monday through Saturday, I was under my primary calorie goal of 2290 only once.

As a result, yesterday, I engaged in an obvious act of self-flagellation. Michelle and I started  from our house with a 7.5 mile bike ride (34 Minutes), followed by a 3.2 mile walk (48 Minutes) and capped it off with a 4.2 mile bike ride (26 Minutes) back to home. That 108 minute exercise spree, earned me almost 2100 calories of exercise points!!

With a normal amount of eating and drinking during the day then, I was able to end Sunday with a 1900 calorie surplus. Added to my week of overindulgence, and I actually was 196 total below my 16,030 weekly total. NICE!!

Of course I just finished the Biometric screening our health insurance company puts on as part of our wellness program and found out that I am shorter than I was. I have long considered myself to be 6’2.5″. Today, I was measured at 6’1.75″ You might wonder why that matters….BUT it does!!!

BMI is calculated by taking your weight/height/height*705. So at 6’2.5″ my BMI is calculated   = 363.4/74.5/74.5*705 = 46.1087. At 6’1.75″ my BMI is = 363.4/73.75/73.75*705= 47.05. So the upshot of my day is that simply by letting myself be measured, I lost a full point of BMI gain! Sometimes, it feels like the universe is conspiring against you, doesn’t it?

The other way to look at is that my BMI was worse than we thought when we started. With that new height, of 73.75″, my BMI at the beginning was 49.38, not the 48.4 we were working from. So I’ve still dropped almost 2.5 BMI points and I am still 27% of the way towards my goal, and now my BMI “40 by 40” goal looks even more impressive. Glass is half full, I guess! 🙂

Lastly, Michelle wrote last week about the dangers of stepping on the scale too frequently. Just to let everyone know that I fail too atsome of the things my dietitian stresses constantly. I stepped on the scale this morning before school started. I know, I know, I shouldn’t have done it. But with the way last week went, and the amount of calories I knew I was over, I couldn’t help myself. I just kept thinking about how far over last weeks weigh-in I had to be and I couldn’t shut my mind off till I knew how bad it was.So there is my failure of the week. Hopefully it is the only one.

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