Weigh-in Week #6

🙂 🙂 So, after my lunatic  response to the very appropriate 1# weight loss last week, I am proud to report that I was able to weather the storm. I did not cave to the internal sense of loss and failure I irrationally felt. I traveled to Madison and spent the weekend dining, drinking, and entertaining. I worked out everyday but one, and I stepped on the scale this morning at 363.4!! That’s a 3# loss form week 5!!

This continues to maintain my pace of 3# a week, double the 1.5# goal I need to maintain to reach my 40 BMI goal next August. I’m down 17.6 pounds and my new BMI is 46.2, down 2.2 from my starting point of 48.4, 26% of the way towards my goal.

Of course, the challenges start right away. Spent the day in a literacy training, with a plate of donuts for breakfast, sandwiches on croissants and potatoes chips for lunch, and brownies for snack. Then we took the consultant out for dinner with a bread and oil appetizer and puttanesca for the main meal. And of course, two glasses of wine, all with no time to work out. So, I am sure I had some backsliding by the end of the day.

Started the day in the gym this morning, 30 minutes at 15+ MPH on the stationary bike, so the extra 570 calories might make today a bit more of a success; though I’ve already had a piece cinnamon apple Kringle. I’ll do better for lunch.

Lastly, my success brings a double edged sword this week. I’ve lost enough weight that my calorie goals have been adjusted down about 100 calories a piece. So in order to maintain my losses, I’ll need to eat even less to stay at the same level of success.

We’ll see you all next week. Hopefully, a little less of me.

4 thoughts on “Weigh-in Week #6

  1. Every time I read a post from you or Michelle I get a little kick in the butt. Clearly these struggles are universal. When I read about your “insane” logic last week I was so glad to know that there are other people are as crazy as me.

    You really are an inspiration, and reading about your success each week has been keeping me motivated to reach my goals.

    Than you for sharing this extremely personal journey with us.

    • I am so glad you are finding the posts motivational, Leigh. I certainly find everyone’s support to be a big boost, so I am happy to hear that we have the same affect on others.

      Thanks for the comments and encouragement. I haven’t even started getting personal yet, btw. I’ll put a warning in the title when I do:-) !

  2. That whole failure mentality is extremely powerful…one set back or plateau in weight loss and I think everyone’s first response is to give up. At least that’s mine and it sounds like it could be yours too. Good job managing your eating and exercise last week, now get back on the right track. 🙂

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