How do other people do it?

So I spent the weekend hosting my two nephews, ages 7 and 5. Clearly, there is some level of training that parents go through to keep up with kids, no? Because I am a relatively energetic guy who loves playing with my sisters’ kids. I go to their homes and wrestle and walk in the woods and go to the play ground and then I go home and life is good.

When they are staying with you though, apparently all those things take twice or thrice as much energy. Cause that is all I did differently. Had them here. We had a great time, two games of kickball, copious wrestling, a trip to the Pumpkin Patch (if you are not from Rice Lake, this is really something you should check out), a game of catch, a trip to the playground, and lots of Wii.

I secretly believe they hooked up some kind of sci-fi umbilical cord that drained energy from me all day long, and allowed them to wake up full of energy at 6:30 am!!

Furthermore, it really was a struggle to maintain the routine of diet and exercise I’ve established in the last month. Yesterday, I ate over 4000 calories, without really trying. I blame the Fiesta Chicken Salad I had at Applebee’s which was over 800 calories all by itself. Though I suppose the French Toast, the real maple syrup, the delivered pizza, the pumpkin cake with butter-cream frosting, the pancakes, and the real maple syrup (again) might have had a hand in the problem. All this left me with new found respect for managing a weight problem, while also raising children.

We tried to counter-act all those calories yesterday with a massive duathlon, a 4.8 mile walk followed by a 7.3 mile bike ride, with a total time in transit of 1:56 and total 1410 total calories burned! Yikes!! (See, another example of why it’s easy to lose weight when you weigh almost 400 pounds.) We’ll see what happens on Wednesday.

Next big challenge? Next weekend a trip to Madison to watch my old team, Fort Atkinson take on Oregon High School and then a great night at American Players Theater with treasured friends. If the food doesn’t get me, the wine will!!

Stay strong!

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