Weigh in, Week #4

Two posts only a few days apart? I must have a lot to say. 🙂

First, when I started to tell this story, it was the day before my 39th birthday, August 16th, 2012. A month later, I can’t begin to explain how relatively easy the last 4 weeks have been. First, Michelle is amazingly supportive, both as a wife and as my dietitian. It seems that whichever role I need her to fill in the moment, that is the role she occupies. (I’m a little weirded out by it, frankly.)

Second, with every blog post, I am receiving a ton of positive feedback and encouragement; from cousins I rarely get to see in person to former students I haven’t seen in ten years to my aunts, who themselves have walked this journey before. Every single positive piece of feedback lifts me up. I am grateful beyond belief for your support and I hope you stay with me…because I know there will be days ahead when I’ll really need it.

Lastly, two other people have joined me on myfitnesspal.com as friends. This means that we see each others’ daily progress in our exercise and eating plans. I won’t out who they are, because I haven’t asked them if I can, and they may not be as willing as I am to share all this publicly. But I will tell you that the mutual support I get from seeing their log-ins every day, from seeing their exercise entries, from seeing that they have finished their day under their calorie goal, fills me with a sense that I am not alone in this endeavor. I can only imagine it is something like what Weight Watchers (having never gone to a meeting) tries to do with their weekly weigh-ins; it is just more immediate. We are together on the journey every day, multiple times a day, if we want to be.

So today, when I woke up and logged on, I saw that “Friend #1” had lost 1.9# since their last weigh-in and “Friend #2” had logged in for 10 straight days, I thought, “Wow. Today is weigh-in day. I hope I don’t let them down.” And, I didn’t!!

Today’s Weigh-In = 367.4# You’ll recall that I started 4 weeks ago at 381, and so have lost 13.6# in 4 weeks. That is still a bit ahead of the 1-2# a week Michelle and I are planning on, but we are also still sort of talking about deck chairs on the Titanic. (Meaning it’s a small percentage of my total body weight.)

Also, on 8/16, my BMI was 48.4. Today it is 46.7. So in 4 weeks, we’ve moved 20% of the way to my goal of a BMI of 40. If we keep up the current pace, we’ll have to revise our goals. 🙂 I guess that isn’t the worst outcome of the project.

Be careful out there.

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