Weigh-in Week #3

Stepped on the scale this morning for the first time since last Wednesday. For those of you who read last week’s post, you’ll know that this alone is a major accomplishment for me; going 7 whole days without weighing myself. (Yeah!)

Also, I had a terrible weekend!! (Meaning I had a great weekend, so by extension I ate too much and drank too much.) However, over the weekend I was very “mindful” about what I ate and drink. I made a conscious choice about each new thing I consumed and I did eliminate a number of items that I previously would have consumed without a second thought. No desert or second piece of charcoal chicken on Saturday, Rum and Diet Coke instead of Southern Comfort Old Fashions on Sunday.)

There is a concept from Buddhism getting some play recently as applied to food consumption. It’s called “mindful eating.” Here is a link to a NY Times article on the topic. It is a little more extreme than what I am talking about, but my experiences of the last few weeks would certainly suggest that if I spend a little more time being conscious about everything I put in my mouth, I am going to be more successful.

So now that I’ve kept you waiting, even with that major obstacle of the weekend, I weighed 370.6 # this morning. That is a drop of 11 pounds since I started and my BMI is now 47.07, so pretty much 47. Feeling much better about where I am at, and two of our 12th grade students, who haven’t seen me since June, asked, “Have you lost weight Mr. Harnisch?”

Pretty good day all around. Keep after it everyone…and be careful out there.

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