Just over 1 Week in…

…and I weigh 374. 4 pounds and have a BMI of 47.5. That is a pretty good week. My strategy of having a primary and ultimate calorie goal seems to be working well. While I have had days in excess of 2400 calories, I have not had the sense of failure that I have in past weight-loss attempts, because I have successfully stayed under the ultimate goal of 3300 a day.

Also, I have exercised 6 of the last 7 days. This is a big change from all of my past attempts. Exercise has not been a priority before. However, the calorie deficit vigorous exercise affords me, makes the eating less less painful. Michelle has been telling me that to lose weight I needed to eat less and exercise more!! Turns out she might know what she’s talking about.

So after 9 days, I have shed 6.6 lbs and lowered my BMI by .9. I have some sore muscles, especially in my shins, but over all I feel great…it even seems my shortness of breath has already improved, though I recognize that might be psychosomatic. But like my dream-catcher tattoo that prevents nightmares, I’m about results!

Stay tuned for more….and thanks for all the well-wishes from everyone. It is surprisingly encouraging to read your positive comments. Keep it up and share your stories, successes and struggles, as well. We’ll all get there together.

5 thoughts on “Just over 1 Week in…

  1. Jess,
    This is Chad writing, as Michelle, on our joint blog. (I know, that is pretty confusing.)

    Michelle talks a little about that in her post from yesterday. Did that answer your question in a general way? On a basic level, I think about the two goals as my 1/lbs/week weight-loss goal and my 2/lbs/week weight-loss goal. Since I am trying to drop roughly 1.5 lbs a week for a year, if I can stay within them, I should meet my goal.

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