First few days…

So, we are 4 days into the project. In those 4 days, I celebrated my birthday, ate at one of our favorite Madison restaurants, ate a danish at the Madison Farmer’s Market, went out for the evening with some former students and coaching colleagues, and attended a Brewers’ game. Just about everyone of those things is a potential empty-calorie jackpot for me.

I did really well at the Brewers’ game; finishing the day right at my primary calorie goal. Friday’s birthday night wasn’t as good, but I still stayed below my ultimate calorie goal. (I’ll explain that primary and ultimate thing in a bit.) Dinner at the Greenbush, with wine, and popcorn at the movie theatre did a pretty good job of boosting things higher than we want. With breakfast at the Stella’s Bakery stand at the farmers’ market, followed by lunch at Laredo’s and dinner and drinks with friends at Sal’s Pizza in Fort Atkinson, meant that Saturday was a lost cause, calorie-wise.

Michelle tells me that to maintain my weight at my level of activity as of last week, I needed to consume in access of 4000 calories a day. So we have established an “ultimate calorie goal” of 3300 calories a day. This combined with an increase in physical activity (5 days a week of at least 45 minutes), should allow me to lose weight at a healthy, slow rate while still reaching my goal of 40 BMI by August of ’13. Due to my strange psychology, everytime I miss a goal, I feel like quitting. So, using, I have established a “primary calorie goal” of 2400 calories a day. Now this number is doable some days. For example, I hit it on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday. And it is not doable on others, like Friday and Saturday.

But what happens in my brain is, I look at the primary goal and I shoot for it. If I make it I feel great. If I miss it, my hope is that I won’t feel terrible, knowing that wasn’t the “real” goal for the day anyway. Thus I am trying to game my own weight-loss psyche, so to speak. So far it seems to be working, but it has only been a week. We’ll see how long this “setting the clock 20 minutes early” plan will work.

One thought on “First few days…

  1. Chad. In the office you and your staff should rotate bringing in veggies/dip or fruit/yogurt. When people get hungry, they can just go to that instead of the cookies/chips/donuts etc…

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