This year’s new garden experiment…eggplant.

It’s my third year with a garden, not just herbs in pots, which I inevitably dry out by July, but a permanent garden in the ground. Each year I try a new vegetable or herb other than the tomatoes, peppers and herbs which I have grown each year. This year, my local farm co-op offered seedlings of eggplants, so I decided to give them a try. I was pretty skeptical, since they seemed a bit tricky, but that’s really only because I don’t see them in too many gardens, so I assumed that’s because they must be hard to grow. I either lucked out this year, or eggplant is a very under-rated veggie for the new gardener. They grew quite well, with me just leaving them alone!

Who know the blossoms were so pretty? A nice bonus.

My first eggplant!

What shall my first eggplant dish be? Pizza!

Grilled eggplant pizza with my own basil! A pretty good start of eggplant season!









I’m looking forward to more eggplant and more great recipes, and I will be sure to keep eggplant on the list for next year’s garden!

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