So much to say, but where to begin?

I am excited to start this blog, so excited, in fact, I don’t even really know where to begin! I have been fortunate enough to have a busy summer, including my first trip to Japan, a weekend in Mexico, and time at a lake house. All the while, I’ve been trying to keep up my garden and catch up on on the chores that always seemed to get pushed back to “when things slow down.” (Whenever that is!)

A main function of this blog, however, is an effort by my husband, Chad, and I to follow his quest for dropping his BMI to 40 by his 40th birthday, which is a year from now, 8/17/2013! We have agreed to document this in order to keep him on track and accountable, but there are another goals as well. As a dietitian married to an overweight spouse, I see the constant success, or struggle, of my most favorite client. Since I also happen to be a food-lover and collector of recipes, I will act as a personal menu-writer and sometime personal chef. We hope to share the realistic struggles that people have with their health, including, time constraints, food issues, and just putting health as a higher priority in our lives.

So follow along as I share my thoughts on food issues of the day, plus my personal experiences in the garden and restaurants I am lucky enough to try. As an occasional, novice, and usually struggling athlete, you can also see my attempts at different activities. But to follow our family “40 by 40” project, check out the link on the right of the page, where my husband and I will share our journey with you.

I look forward to a great year with you!

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